søndag den 18. november 2012

Agile Testing Days 2012 - A New Type of Test Conference for me!

During the years I have participated in a number of software test conferences, both in Denmark, Europe and the US - but always "generic test conferences". My favorites are the two American STARs and EUROSTAR, I have really learned a lot from participating - both as a delegate and speaker. It is an amazing chance for getting new inspiration, discussions with peers and a lot of networking – If you haven’t tried it yet then hurry, you’ll love it.

Earlier this year I submitted my presentation on Exploratory testing to the conference "Agile Testing Days" and was so lucky to get it accepted. So now time has come to take the next step - participating in my very first agile test conference, and that will happen the coming 4 days in Potsdam Germany.
And what do I hope to get out of it?  - A LOT!
  • Discussions with peers within testing about how to approach the problems we see when immature IT companies decides to take the journey towards agile.
  • Inspiration from some of the most experienced agile testers in our community
  • A good discussion after my presentation on Exploratory Test – does it make sense? Have other testers tried other clones? Is there new stuff to try out?
  • Experience with a new type of conference – with new types of communication to try out (open space and consensus talks)
I hope to get time to keep you posted on how it turns out – both here on the blog and on twitter – my profile is @godtesen.

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