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Agile Testing Days 2012 - Day 1, Tutorials

Already after day one the head is filled with new inspiration and ideas, with stuff to bring home and look more into.

Monday I attended the Management 3.0 workshop with Jurgen Appolo. The workshop was inspiring and it was great with a tutorial that wasn't just classroom education but where we got involved, discussed and tried stuff out in practice.

One of the things I will bring home from that is the "Moving motivators" game. I thought I had a clear picture of what motivates me, what is important for me when it comes to my joblife, but by playing the game it actually occured to me that the real picture might be slightly different. When we then took it one step further and looked at in what way the motivators could be affected by changes in our work life (change to agile, new job etc) it really got interesting. I am going to introduce this to a couple of friends when I come back home and hear what they think. If you want to learn more about this exercise, the visit Jurgens site here
I borrowed a picture from the home page just to show you the game - hope it is okay :-)

Another thing was that I actually for the first time realized the seven different ways of delegation, and it was great fun to play the game and hear from the others in the group why the choosed to delegate in the way the did. We simply told a story about a thing we should deside on as leaders (e.g. selection of new test management tool) and then played "delegation poker". Highest and lowest score should then explain why they had chosen that type of delegation. It made me think; how good am I at delegating... how good was I as a programme test manager in Systematic back then... hmmm
But all in all a great workshop with food for thoughts. Read more about the game here.
Also borrowed a picture to show you that

The last part of the workshop was a presentation about change mangement, how do you bring change into an organisation. I had already read his book "how to change the world" but it was great to get a recap on it, and it is really something I can use and have used with my current assignment with a large IT company in Danmark - defining and implementing a test process across the organization.

All in all - a great Monday and a great start for Agile Testing Days for me :-)


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