tirsdag den 14. oktober 2014

3 Pillars of Agile Quality

I am currently at STARWEST in Anaheim CA, and have participated in a couple of interesting tutorials the last two days.
Monday was "a dozen keys to agile testing maturity" with Bob Galen and Mary Thorn. Two good take aways; the walk through of 15 agile testing myths and realities, and the presentation of the three pillars of agile quality. The two presenters are currently writing a book about the subject and we got a walk through of the concept.
Roughly it covers the fact that you can split agile quality up in three major areas; "development and test automation", "software testing" and "cross-functional team practices". The three pillars stands on a foundation consisting of amongst other whole-team ownership of quality, building it "right"; building the "right" thing and healthy agile centric metrics.
A sound focus on quality in an agile context builds on a strategic balance between the three pillars, and all three must be considered.
We'll I just got a quick intro but I am looking forward to read much more about it, and I could imagine the contents of the three pillars would form an excellent basis for a conversation in the team about agile quality.

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Gitte - aka Godtesen

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